Neighbourhood face-off - who's the healthiest of them all?

February is right around the corner, and we can safely say we've survived the coldest (although our city has been kind to us), most strenuous, and (what seems like) the longest month of 2016.

We made it. And we think that deserves a HOORAY.

Looking at January, you say you made healthy choices. Or, did you? We've been monitoring. You know, because we can't help but be curious. And here's what we found.

What's your new year's resolution?

We're three weeks into 2016 folks! How are those healthy eating new year's resolutions coming along? Since we could all use some help, we've curated a collection of the the top healthy eats in your area. Just open the app and see what's on the menu.

Here are some of our favourites in each zone:

King West:

  • Fresh on Spadina: All Star Salad (vegan)
  • Portland Variety: Tomato Avocado Sandwich
  • Flock Rotisserie: Boho Flock Salad
  • CJ Lunch Box: Salmon Roll
  • Ravi Soups: Roasted Free Range Chicken Wrap

Liberty Village:

  • Oats & Ivy: Mediterranean Quinoa
  • Live Market: Burdock Burrito
  • Koja: Salmon, Avocado Maki
  • Liberty Village Rotisserie: Pulled Chicken Pita Wrap
  • The Craft Brasserie & Grille: Ahi Soba Salad

St. Lawrence Market:

  • Evolution Food Co.: Harvest Salad
  • Fusaro's: Insalata Mista
  • Ichiban Sushi: Maki Combo B
  • OnePizza: The Greenhouse Salad
  • La Prep: Chicken Avocado Wrap
  • SukhoTHAI: Vegetable Fresh Rolls w/ Peanut Sauce

Financial District: 

  • Freshii (Scotia Plaza): Pangoa Bowl
  • Umi Sushi Express (TD Centre): Mini Chicken Bento
  • Mucho Burrito (First Canadian Place): Vegetarian Burrito
  • Extreme Pita (Bay Adelaide Centre): Build Your Own Pita
  • Z-Teca (Commerce Court): Grilled Chicken Burrito Bowl
  • Mio Express (Scotia Plaza): Chicken Panini


  • Salad King: Phud Thai
  • Panera Bread (Yonge & Edward): Chicken Cobb w/ Avocado Salad 
  • Fit For Life (Atrium): Veggie Delight Burrito
  • Ginger: Crab & Avocado Salad Roll
  • Lucullus Bakery: Cobb Salad
  • Panera Bread (Yonge & Edward): Mediterranean Chicken & Quinoa Salad


  • Salad Days: Custom Salad
  • The Salad House: Avocado & Goat Cheese Wrap
  • Bishop & Belcher: Bourbon Chicken & Avocado Salad
  • Sushi Club: Dynamite Roll & Avocado Maki
  • The Croissant Tree: Smoked Turkey & Avocado Sandwich


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New on Ritual: Tacorrito (Church & Wellesley)

New on Ritual: Tacorrito (Church & Wellesley)

Tacos, in our opinion, is the ultimate comfort food. Dreary day? Gloom and doom? Nothing can't be solved with a good taco and some Mexi-fries.

Tacoritto's simple and classic menu makes choosing your comforting dish easy breezy. They feature everything from burritos to tacos, nachos to quesadillas. Everything is hot and fresh, and bursting with authentic Tex-mex flavour. Their daily specials (see list below) make daily trips to the joint worth it. Tacoritto everyday? Don't worry. We won't judge.


See more restaurants in the Yonge-Dundas area in-app or here.

New on Ritual: Noodles & Company (PATH - TD Centre)

New on Ritual: Noodles & Company (PATH - TD Centre)

Today we bring you great news - one of the PATH favourites is now on Ritual! Noodles & Company is ready to serve up delicious noodles in all forms, their emphasis is on REAL food, REAL cooking, and REAL flavours. With fresh vegetables, cage-free eggs, organic tofu, and naturally raised proteins, no wonder they're well-loved.

If you're feeling for a traditionally hearty meal, go for the Spaghetti & Meatballs with handcrafted meatballs and house tomato marinara. For an ethnic dish with bold flavours, try the Thai Hot Pot with signature curry broth, cabbage, shiitake mushrooms, and pulled chicken and pork. And if you're in the mood to detox, try one of their BUFF bowls, which swaps noodles for spinach and has ample fresh veggies.

Some hibernate for the winter, but for those of us still need to eat to stay alive [cue music here], we can now avoid the frostbite and stay inside for lunch.

Must-have: Spaghetti & Meatballs, Thai Hot Pot, BUFF Tuscan Fresca


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New on Ritual: The Good Press (Yorkville)

New on Ritual: The Good Press (Yorkville)

"Local. Fresh. Healthy. Organic." That's what The Good Press is known for. Every juice and bowl here is made fresh with the best ingredients you can find in the city. They believe that healthy eating isn't a luxury, and with simple yet effective recipes across the board, it's easy to eat well.

Our favourite juice is the Hawaii 5-0, which is a refreshing combination of Pineapple, spinach, romaine, and arugula, with jalapeno for an added kick. The Date Acai Bowl is also heavenly. Perfectly blended and topped with chopped dates, banana, chocosal cacao nibs & organic super-foods granola, it's the perfect mid-afternoon boost of energy and happiness.

Must-have: Hawaii 5-0, Date Acai Bowl


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Now live in the Financial Core!

Now live in the Financial Core!

We hope you're hungry, Toronto. Because Ritual is now fully LIVE in the Financial Core.

Say goodbye to lineups, loose change, and paper receipts. Your favourite latte and the kale salad in downtown are now just a tap away. Take a look at our partners list, with new spots added everyday this week, your coffee and lunch routine has never looked so good.

Check out our list of partners in the core in app by searching "Financial District" after tapping on the magnifying glass. Or see our website here. And don't forget to share this awesome news with friends who work in the core, because after all, friends don't let friends wait in line.

New on Ritual: The Battered Fish (Liberty Village)

New on Ritual: The Battered Fish (Liberty Village)

With Nova Scotian roots and a dedication to delicious seafood, The Battered Fish has opened its doors to Torontonians.

The fish, scallops, clams, and shrimp here are always fresh, bought daily, and never pre-cooked, so you can be sure that you're getting the best quality seafood. The Battered Fish believe in "dock-fresh seafood" and supporting local farmers and bakers. Not only will your meal taste fantastic, you can also feel great about supporting local businesses.

The menu has a wide assortment of seafood to choose from. Apart from the Fish and Chips, our favourite is the Scallops and Fries, with large, tender scallops and crispy fries. The Shrimp Taco is also an awesome add-on if you are extra hungry. Must-try: Fish & Chips, Scallops & Fries, Shrimp Taco

Must-try: Fish & Chips, Scallops & Fries, Shrimp Taco


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New on Ritual: Dac Biet Burger (Church & Dundas)

New on Ritual: Dac Biet Burger (Church & Dundas)

Dac biet” is a Vietnamese term used to describe something unusual, special, or awesome. The example the guys at Dac Biet Burger like to use to describe the term is: “My mama always says I’m dac biet.” [Insert Oxford Dictionary word of the year here]

The burgers here at Dac Biet are a full-on representation of the restaurant name. They’re unique, distinctive, and the perfect Asian-American fusion. Our favourite, the Pho Burger, tastes just like Pho noodles in burger form - yes, it sounds strange, but trust us, if you love pho, you’ll love this creation. What’s more, the meat is ground fresh daily in-house. Pair that with a fresh bun and awesome toppings, you’re in for a whole new kind of burger experience.

Must-have: Pho burger, Banh Mi Burger, Dac Biet Poutine


See more restaurants in the Yonge-Dundas area in-app or here

Fall in love with Portland Variety's new menu

Fall in love with Portland Variety's new menu

Consistently rated as one of the top restaurant & café fusions in King West, Portland Variety is here to bring you a new and exciting fall lunch menu.

Portland Variety is the creation of Le Gourmand owner Milton Nunes, and the parallel quality coffee bar and treats counter here does not ever disappoint. In the restaurant, Chef Matty Cowan creates ingenious recipes with exceptional ingredient pairings. The new lunch menu consists of 4 exotic salads and 4 tasty sandwiches, each with its own unique flavour profile.

Also trust us when we say they have one of the best Chocolate Chip Cookies in the city. You'll just have to try it for yourself.

With the revamp in lunch offerings and mouthwatering cookies & pastries, there’s a reason to visit Portland Variety more than once a day. And if you do pick up your lunch or a treat from there this week, don’t forget to share your pictures with us @ritual_co and @portlandvariety.


Top 5 lunches by neighbourhood

Top 5 lunches by neighbourhood

Always been curious to see what everyone else in your neighbourhood is enjoying for lunch on Ritual? We're here to satisfy that curiosity, George. We have the 411 on the best eats in town, all backed up by data.

Here's a list of the top 5 eats by neighbourhood, and when we say top 5, we really mean top 5, because well, data = truth in our world. It's time to test out some of these bad boys for yourselves!