We want to reward you for being a loyal Ritual user, so we’ve developed a brand new Rewards program to help you earn free food and drinks. Upgrade your app to the latest version to start your Rewards journey, go now, because we know your favourite things are there!  

What you loved about the Ritual Rewards program – like getting discounts on every other order at your favourite restaurants – are now even better.

Now when you order coffee and lunch on Ritual, you collect points that can then be redeemed for $ towards free food and drinks at any partner on our network. On top of that, you can earn bonus points for things other than purchases – like your birthday!

The world is your oyster.



Make 8 purchases a month to unlock and maintain Ritual Elite status.
You’ll receive the everyday benefits of Ritual Rewards, but on top of that, you’ll get:


Our new Rewards program will definitely give you opportunities to collect more points across the board and redeem for more rewards.

10,000 points = $10 to spend on your favourite food at any restaurant. No fees, no strings attached.

Previously, the rewards program were structured in a way where you could only apply your Ritual Rewards discounts to orders from specific restaurants. We received lots of feedback and requests for this to be available at all restaurants, and for rewards to be available no matter where you ordered your take-out.

The value of the discounts from the old program is now in the form of points. The spots you loved with 15% off or 20% off every 2nd order before will now give you 15x and 20x the points on every 2nd order. That means up to 3000pts/order. In addition, you'll earn points from partners who don't have bonus point offers. Think of how fast you could get to 10,000 points!

Have questions? Visit our FAQs here. 

Ready to earn some rewards? Upgrade your app now to get started!