Craving Thai? We've got PAI!

Brought to you by the dynamic duo, Nuit and Jeff Regular, Pai is a true star in the Entertainment District. Chef Nuit says the secret ingredient in her cooking is love, and you can really taste it. Everything is fresh and made from scratch, no shortcuts or compromises - just delightful, mouthwatering traditional home-cooking brought to life from the cookbook of a Thai family.

Some foodies may know the story of how Chef Nuit started out as a nurse. Let us just be the first to say, on behalf of everyone - aren't we ever glad she decided to follow her passion for cooking instead.

Must-try: Khao Soi w/ fresh egg noodles in a golden curry topped with crispy noodles, coriander, green onions & your choice of braised beef, chicken breast or chicken drumsticks.