With Nova Scotian roots and a dedication to delicious seafood, The Battered Fish has opened its doors to Torontonians.

The fish, scallops, clams, and shrimp here are always fresh, bought daily, and never pre-cooked, so you can be sure that you're getting the best quality seafood. The Battered Fish believe in "dock-fresh seafood" and supporting local farmers and bakers. Not only will your meal taste fantastic, you can also feel great about supporting local businesses.

The menu has a wide assortment of seafood to choose from. Apart from the Fish and Chips, our favourite is the Scallops and Fries, with large, tender scallops and crispy fries. The Shrimp Taco is also an awesome add-on if you are extra hungry. Must-try: Fish & Chips, Scallops & Fries, Shrimp Taco

Must-try: Fish & Chips, Scallops & Fries, Shrimp Taco


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