Dac biet” is a Vietnamese term used to describe something unusual, special, or awesome. The example the guys at Dac Biet Burger like to use to describe the term is: “My mama always says I’m dac biet.” [Insert Oxford Dictionary word of the year here]

The burgers here at Dac Biet are a full-on representation of the restaurant name. They’re unique, distinctive, and the perfect Asian-American fusion. Our favourite, the Pho Burger, tastes just like Pho noodles in burger form - yes, it sounds strange, but trust us, if you love pho, you’ll love this creation. What’s more, the meat is ground fresh daily in-house. Pair that with a fresh bun and awesome toppings, you’re in for a whole new kind of burger experience.

Must-have: Pho burger, Banh Mi Burger, Dac Biet Poutine


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