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Ritual provides office managers, culture builders and business owners with super-flexible corporate programs to keep their teams well-fed, social and spending time on the things that matter.


Morning Coffee

Rise & shine. This get your team in the office program will provide your team with a couple bucks to spend at their favourite coffee shops before 8:30am, or whichever time you’d like to assemble your team in the office to get your day started together . A few bucks goes a long way here, and is a big hit with sales teams!


Team Lunch

Eat, socialize & be happy. With the broadest selection of lunch options everyday, even the pickiest eaters will find tons of options they’ll love. Our programs are flexible and affordable, helping you get the most out of your budget.

For example, with Ritual you can turn a regular $15 monthly lunch into a $5 weekly subsidy (3x/month), which gets your team eating together much more often – for the same price.


Working Late Dinner

Do people on your team work evenings? This program aligns perfectly with your budget controls & audit policies, without any admin or expense reimbursement headaches.

Whether you want to offer dinners to anyone staying past 6:30pm, cap dinner budgets at $15/person, permit employees to charge amounts over their budget to personal credit cards, or enforce purchases within 300 meters of your office... we can do all that, and more.

With programs as low as $2/employee/month, a quick chat with us will help you discover the best plan for your team and budget. Once we help set up your team, your job is basically done!

How it works - For Administrators


Ultimate program flexibility

Simply decide how much you’d like to provide to your employees, how often and when it’s available to them (ie. $5 every Mon & Wed, available from 11:30am-2pm for lunch).


Largest restaurant selection

Your employees can order from any restaurant on our network (over 5,000+ dishes). Say goodbye to complaints and drama from picky eaters, and say hello to all the gluten-free, vegan, paleo and meat lover options you can handle.

A breeze to manage

Choose how your program works, and we’ll get your team setup in minutes. It’ll run on autopilot, and each month we’ll send you an invoice and a digital receipt with all the details you need to simplify your accounting.

Your account manager and Ritual’s fantastic customer support team are always a quick phone call away, should you have any questions!

Create a fun and sociable culture around food

Between team order pick-ups and our Slack integration, your team will become even bigger foodies and better friends. Are you ready to make your perks and meal programs more social?

How it works - for employees


Your credits arrive

Like magic, you’ll receive a notification that Ritual credits have been deposited in your account to spend on coffee, lunch or dinner – provided by your company or team manager.

Let’s say you have $10 in lunch credits, but want to splurge on a $13 lunch – you’d pay just $3. Quite the affordable treat.


Order & enjoy on your schedule

Your employees have different tastes and prefer to eat at different times of day, we get it. With Ritual, each employee can choose where and when they’d like to eat, and what they’d like to order. We’ll have it ready for them in 10 minutes flat.


Effortless pick-ups

Like always, skip the line at the best spots in town and head to the Ritual Pick-up sign. We’ll have everyone's orders waiting for them, and they’ll be back in the office in no time.

Why Customers Love Us

Tons of happy customers, including:

OUr promise

We have no commitments or lock-in periods. 
We do not charge any fees to administer our programs.
We do not ever markup menu prices.
We help you prevent costs of food spoilage and waste.
We help you get the most out of your budget.
You’ll earn Ritual Rewards points on every purchase.


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